How do I find the right immigration consultant

Updated on November, 2021

Immigrating to Canada should be an exciting time for you and is a decision that will change your life. So, where should you start?

Your first action step should be doing your research to find a good immigration consultant.

The best immigration consultant is:

  • one whom you trust,
  • has the proper credentials
  • keeps up to date with what is happening in the quickly changing immigration landscape
Let’s begin with how to choose the immigration consultant:
  1. For starters, you need to make sure your consultant is certified. Your consultant needs to hold an RCIC license and is registered with an RCIC number.

      Check this list of certified RCICs. Use the following link provided by CICC (College of Immigration and citizenship consultants)

Here is good advice to protect you from a fraudulent immigration specialist:

  • If your Immigration Consultant offers a free consultation, use it.
  • Have a chat with your potential consultant.
  • However, the best immigration consultants will not be able to spend their time for FREE. If something comes for Free, please check its Genuity and knowledge before starting the immigration journey.
  • Be aware of how straightforward they are, in other words, do you feel they are being honest with you?
  • Have questions prepared for your consultation to help you determine the experienced immigration consultant is knowledgeable in the particular program area.
  • Plus, it is important that you understand and enjoy connecting with your potential consultant.

Apart from all these legal criteria, “being comfortable” is the main key to maintain any personal or business relationship.

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