Agriculture, Construction, Trucking, or Personal Support Worker and working in Ontario? Program update on OINP – In-Demand Skills Stream

Initial date of Post: July 15, 2020

13 new occupations are added to the Ontario Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream

The In-Demand Skills Stream re-opened July 6, 2020. Regulations were amended on July 1st this year.

New applications will be accepted under this stream and will be processed based on selection criteria set out in Ontario Regulation 422/17 (General) as amended and posted on Ontario’s e-Laws website on July 1, 2020.

The key points of the amendments include:

  • 13 Additional occupations are included with the existing in-demand occupation list
    • 9411 – Machine operators, mineral and metal processing
    • 9416 – Metalworking and forging machine operators
    • 9417 – Machining tool operators
    • 9418 – Other metal products machine operators
    • 9421 – Chemical plant machine operators
    • 9422 – Plastics processing machine operators
    • 9437 – Woodworking machine operators
    • 9446 – Industrial sewing machine operators
    • 9461 – Process control and machine operators, food, beverage, and associated products processing
    • 9523 – Electronics assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers
    • 9526 – Mechanical assemblers and inspectors
    • 9536 – Industrial painters, coaters, and metal finishing process operators
    • 9537 – Other products assemblers, finishers, and inspectors
    • The Settlement funds requirement has been removed for In-Demand Skills Stream applicants.

Inside and outside of Canada applicants can apply for this program. A key requirement is to have an eligible job offer from an Ontario employer. This program is intended to fulfill the demand in certain occupations in industries such as agriculture, construction, trucking, or personal support work.

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